I Have A Question About The Event, Who Do I Contact?

I Have A Question About The Event, Who Do I Contact?

Please reach out to the event organiser or promote whose information is located on the event page. They will be able to answer any specific questions relating to the event.
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      We apologise for the difficulties! Please Submit a ticket and provide as much information as you can about the error/issue including: name, email address, event you wish to purchase tickets to, description of the issue, screen shot (if applicable), ...
    • Can I Get A Refund?

      Each event has its own specific refund policy. By default, TicketEzy does not offer refunds unless required by law to do so, but please check the fine print of the event you're attending for refund specifics. If in the unlikely event that the ...
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    • Do I Get A Confirmation Receipt After Purchase?

      Any time you make a purchase using our platform you will be given an option to print a receipt immediately after purchase, as well as an automatic email with the purchase details, and event information.