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Can I Get A Refund?

Each event has its own specific refund policy. By default, TicketEzy does not offer refunds unless required by law to do so, but please check the fine print of the event you’re attending for refund specifics.

If in the unlikely event that the organiser has to postpone an event due to a natural disaster or weather related issues, the event organiser will do an event wide broadcast and refunds may be processed if the organisers gives the approval to do so or if required by law. In this case please raise a support request or email support@ticketezy.co.nz to start the refund process. Please note only the base ticket price will be refunded. All booking, service, or transaction fees will not be refunded.

For any other related issues where you are able to request a refund, please contact the event organiser or promoter directly. If a refund is granted, only the base ticket price will be refunded. All service/transaction fees will not be refunded.

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